Top 10 Hotels in New York

John Stevens

John Stevens

If you have not been to New York then you have not yet seen the world finest hotels and resorts. Other than being a business hub New York boasts of some of the best hotels in the world. Whether you want a quiet hotel room with some privacy to catch up with a thing or two at work, need a romantic place to spend quality time with your better half or even something family-friendly: least assured you shall get all these in New York.

1. The Kimberly Hotel

Kimberly Hotel is one of New York’s finest hotels. Located 145 East 50th street this hotel will surely suit all your needs. The rooms are spacious and the staffs are friendly with 24hrs room service.

2. The Four Seasons Hotel

As the name suggests this 5 starts hotel is fun to visit all year round. It has 52 stories and an astonishing 354 rooms. How can you compete with that? The hotel serves virtually just any dish and is suitable for both family outings and business trips.

3. The Survey

If you have kids and searching for a place where you can have fun as a family in New York, then you should consider staying at The Survey. At an extra fee, they can even babysit for you as you have the time of your life at the bar.

4. The Cosby Street Hotel

Without a shadow of a doubt The Cosby Street Hotel, New York has the best design of any hotel in the world. The rooms are spacious and cozy with a unique inspiring design. Visit and experience everything firsthand.

5. Mark Hotel

You will spend big at The Mark Hotel but I promise you that it’s worth every single cent. This is a luxury hotel with the privacy and is particularly famous for romantic dinners and group parties.

6. Stewart Hotel

If you love traveling with your family then you should consider staying at the Stewart Hotel, New York. The rooms are spacious and can comfortably accommodate a family of 5. You will also have a chance to see the city from an eagles view.

7. Yotel New York

A trip to New York is not complete if you don’t spend the night at the Yotel Hotel. Unlike most other hotels in this list, Yotel is relatively cheap yet you shall get all the services of 5 stars hotel.

8. Sofitel Hotel

Though lacks a swimming pool which could help lure more kids Sofitel Hotel still carries the day as one of the top 10 hotels in New York. It is ideally located in close proximity to most major areas.

9. The London Hotel, New York

If you want to escape from congested skyscrapers in midtown New York City spend the night at The London NYC. This hotel has over 564 rooms all which are more spacious than an average apartment in New York.

10. The NoMad Hotel

This hotel will suit you if you want to have a romantic night out with your spouse. There are lots of fun things to do and the cocktails will have you asking for more.

The place to be in is New York; they always have a thing for everyone.